Innovation at Timberland: Thinking Outside the Shoe Box Case Analysis

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Thinking Outside the Shoe Box

I. Problem What uniting mechanism can Timberland Company administer to achieve the fullest potential of appropriate product design and process given the existing disparity between the In-line teams and Invention Factory?

II. Objectives a. To ensure that the manufactured product is to be positively responded by the consumers. b. To provide sufficient focus to ensure the best use of resources without restricting innovation. c. To guarantee that there is always the presence of balance with regards to fashion and functionality in all Timberland products. d. To resolve the lack of wholesale and interest of Invention
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Timberland is also able to integrate into its marketing strategies ideologies that are relevant to the market such as their philosophy on their Urban Renewal boots that says: everyone who wore Timberland shoe could be a hero. It was dedicated on the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Technological – iF team undergoes scientific research and analysis in the formulation of new boots and similar products. They rely heavily on material sciences, biomechanics, morphology, and physiology.

Economic – Timberland was able to generate 50% of its revenue from the innovation of new products. Currently, it has a dramatic hike of 1.5 billion revenue stemming from over 25 domestic and international wholesale doors and 650 retail doors.

Socio-Cultural – Timberland engaged its Chinese employees in community service projects just like its practices to other countries where it has established itself. Through the aid of In-line teams who has the task of knowing their varied consumers globally, Timberland makes sure that its value and product positioning statements cater such varied cultures worldwide.

INDUSTRY ENVIRONMENT Entry Barriers – Timberland finds itself facing entry barriers in foreign countries where there are established outdoor apparel and footwear that cater to the local demands more effectively than they can.

Supplier Power – Timberland

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