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Innovation from Google’s free food strategy Innovation from Google’s Free Food Strategy I would like to begin by saying that I am usually not jealous or envious of many people but I have to say I am actually jealous of all the googlers. That being said I know now if I was to ever own my business I will make sure to first read Laszlo Bock’s book “WORK RULES! INSIGHTS FROM INSIDE GOOGLE THAT WILL TRANSFORM HOW YOU LIVE AND LEAD” I believe this book can help transform the way we conduct our businesses and how we treat our employees. It’s the new way of looking at the workforce, the old view was to invest in your business and not employees but new view is when you invest in your employees the rest will follow. Google’s HR along…show more content…
Laszlo tells Charlie Rose in the interview that some of the top 50 googlers don’t even have degree, yes, they never finished college. What they do have is an imagination and they are not afraid to succeed. They are willing to try new things and are willing to put their ideas out there even if they feel like it might not be worth sharing. Another article that I read helped me understand more of what Laszlo Bock is referring to when he says management needs to have a broader point of view. In this article The Evolution of Management, the author talks about the different styles of management that have been adopted by leaders to date and it seems that what used to work before just will not get the job done today. “After a century of trying to control people, processes and information, we have come to a point in organizational history where we need to recognize that what worked before just simply isn’t enough anymore.” This goes to prove that over time just like everything else evolves our behaviors towards our colleagues has to evolve as well. And management has to learn the new behaviors of his/her employees. The Millennials and generation Z needs to know that they are appreciated and need to be challenged before they get bored, hence the reason why managers need to learn
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