Innovation in business

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I. Introduction: According to Baregheh et al, innovation is a multi-layered tool where ideas are converted into improved processes, or commodities, or results or services (2009). In a hyper- competitive environment, organisations rely on innovation as a vehicle to further advance, thrive, challenge, and maintain a comparative advantage over other organisations in the same field. II. Discussion: According to Humanitarian Innovation Fund, the Bessant and Tidd model of innovation are four intertwined complementary components, where positive change is necessary to secure a conducive environment for sustainable innovation in an organisation as follows (2014): Position innovation where changes in the context of how clients…show more content…
During the beginning of the current conflict, children were not able to attend school. Based on the needs of the children, and the external pressures, UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Education used a multifaceted approach to innovation. Six ‘remedial education’ worksheets covering four subject areas, math, science, Arabic and English Languages for students in grades 1-6 were developed. The position of UNICEF was clear, to safeguard the reputation of UNICEF by ensuring the highest level of efficiency, ensuring fast completion, and quality of content that is apolitical and serves the education needs of children. While the Ministry wanted to include some political issues in the books. The latter created some challenges between both teams, which was handled strategically, by placing the best interest of children as a common priority between both organisations. For the process, UNICEF provided autonomy to its cross functional team, which consisted of research, education, communication, supply and finance officers. UNICEF management was committed, focused, flexible and secured the necessary resources (human and financial), while the ministry secured an integrated autonomous team. An integrated team between both organisations, known as ‘innovation team’ was also created and responsible for the oversight and guidance. The
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