Innovative Approach With Cookie Cutter And / Or Outdated Techniques

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We understand that this project requires a unique and innovative approach to Public Education and Outreach, not a “one size fits all” approach with cookie cutter and/or outdated techniques. The best management practices that we will provide in the Summary Document will not only focus on how to best meet the objectives and present the deliverables for this Task, but also outline how to keep the information fresh and relevant so that stakeholders and other interested parties will be engaged throughout the process. Five recently noted innovations in public outreach for projects similar in scope to this Plan Update include: process-as-event, on-the-ground, real time, early wins, and accessible materials. A brief description of each follows: • Process-As-Event – planning meetings worth attending: Where traditional public meetings may not be well-attended (not sure if the current plan meetings are well-attended? If so, please edit/delete) or provide participants with a hands-on level of interaction, meetings couched as “events” can be held to facilitate open discussion and increase buy-in for those who are involved. To achieve sustained interest from meeting participants, and in an ideal scenario have them become champions of the cause, proper and ongoing engagement is key. Many people have very busy schedules with time commitments that make it difficult (or just not desirable) to attend a traditional public meeting. The meetings should be presented as more than just information

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