Innovative Construction Techniques And New Technologies

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San Jose State University Innovative Construction Products, Techniques or New Technologies to Achieve Credits towards LEED Certification of a Building Hanna Saed CE 237 Sustainable Construction Professor Charles Weston 4 November 2014 November 4, 2014 Professor Charles Weston San Jose State University, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering San Jose, CA 95192 Dear Professor, With great pleasure I submit this semester paper that we have been assigned as an essential requirement for this course, Sustainable Construction. I found the study to be quite interesting, beneficial and knowledgeable. I have tried my best to prepare an effective and creditable paper. This paper is about products, construction techniques and new…show more content…
My results fell into the LEED categories as follows, one under sustainable site (Cyclepods), one under water efficiency (CISTA Rainwater Harvesting System), three under energy and atmosphere (Solar Water Heater, Solar Water Bulb and Planting trees close to buildings), four under materials and resources (ERO Robots, Bubble Deck Concrete System, Pitcher Filters and Pallet Furniture) and one under indoor environmental quality (Houseplants). The main source of gathering information was based on online research and personal knowledge from previous experiences. Some of the results showed great benefits with minimal need of financial sources to install or maintain, others were more technologically advanced, thus more expensive but served their purpose in an excellent manner in the area of their field. In conclusion, the benefits of these results affect the personal health, the environment and the economy. More awareness and dedication to these studies would increase the efficiency of those products and their availability to the people. Introduction With the prosperity of economy, more facilities and infrastructure are needed to cope with the economic development. The Construction sector have an essential role in it, therefore increasing the pressure on natural resources that could affect the environment on all levels. Some guidelines were prepared by US Green Building Council (USGBC) in the form of a certification program

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