Innovative Hr Practices Followed by Google

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India is now becoming a major player in the global stage. This change has given lot of opportunities to our country to grow further but it has also posed lot of challenges in front of us, Indian companies have gained the confidence to acquire foreign giant companies and try to establish themselves competitively against their foreign counterparts. at the same time we have to give emphasis on the various challenges before us like the gap between people in the corporate world and those in the rural areas is becoming serious concern and the wage differentials between blue collared workers and senior managers, the candidates having good education and communication skills getting
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SME’s(Subject Matter Experts):
HR team identifies the internal subject matter experts to give training to the employees
Sending employees for higher studies
When employees join the company, they have to interact with functionaries in other regions who assume that the new person in knows the internal systems. Often the new employee is unfamiliar with the systems and is at sea. The EWelcome gateway lists certain universal systems of the company and helps them get familiar with such things. A stand – out feature is that if this checklist remains incomplete it sends an automatic notice to the manager responsible for the employee.
Company follows a training policy to have seven days of training every year is mandatory for all employees, even this chairman and the directors.
GOLD (Godrej Organization for Learning and Development):
Web-based learning tied up with UK – based NetG to distribute e- learning modules among the workforce. The company gives equal importance to soft skill training. “ Out of box thinking is more important “, the sponsored the Edward De Bono certification of lateral thinking for two of its managerial employees, so they could teach in – house. This learning creates a leadership pipeline.


1. MAD (Mutual Admiration):
Is an event where every

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