Innovative Product of the Company

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Garford Pty Ltd came up with the innovative solution to support mines and for the seismic events : Dynamic solid bolts. They were first used in USA and thereafter solid bolts were redesigned in Australia with better material selection and some more advancement.
Engineers went through several material selection and selected 'STEEL' because of its properties as they are
• Ductile : steel can be stretched into wires and can be pressed into any shapes
• Malleable : can be rolled into sheets, bars and beams
• Strength : they are strong, fracture resistant
Dynamic bolts are made of two parts debonding sleeve and mixing device which are interconnected by a special mechanism yielding device. Generally, the resin mixing device is 43mm diameter coarse threaded steel sleeve crimped at the end of the bolt, whereas the debonding sleeve is M24 thread steel sleeve at the other end of the bolt. Below the mixing device there is a dynamic section present which is a sliding anchor mechanism that is pressed on to the bolt and rest of the part of the bolt is covered in polyethylene sleeve. Whenever there is a subjected ground movement the bolt is forced through constriction and elongates providing safety and…
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