Innovative Strategies For Adult Nursing Students Essay

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Over the past decade, the health care system has undergone an unprecedented change. Nursing has been part of a movement which reflects a multitude of change than in the past twenty years combined. The directions of nursing education in the 1960s was revealed as more of an applied science. In the mid-1990s, it was clear that the production of new knowledge was just not going to cut it. To acquire improved patient outcomes, new knowledge is needed in the classroom and clinical area. These new forms needed to be effectively implemented across all areas of the care team within the same context, and the outcomes needed to be measurable and bring a meaningful impact on the health outcome performances. This is what paved the way for a variety of teaching strategies that instructors could use to improve student learning outcomes. It is of great importance that the nurse educator chooses the right teaching strategies to stimulate the student to critically think. The goal of this paper is to discuss the innovative strategies used to educate the adult nursing student in the easiest most effective and cost effective manner possible.
Teaching strategies
In today’s nursing education there are many teaching strategies, the oldest and most extensively used technique in the classroom today is the lecture strategy. Lecture has its advantages, such as the advantage to give a lot of information to a large number of nursing students, the capability to cover a vast quantity of lesson
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