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About Innovative Widgets.
At Innovative Widgets we are the number leading widgets producer in Australia. Established in 1952, widgets are used as components for a wide variety of machinery, including domestic and industrial machinery. All our widgets are functional, well designed and manufactured to the his highest quality standards. Customers across Australia look to us to provide high quality products at competitive prices.
This is a family owned company with the sons and daughters of the founder forming the board of directors. We operate from one main factory which include several different sections. These sections including a stores area for the raw materials used to make the widgets, a machine shop for producing the widgets,
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The RATER system is a great place to start.
RATER stands for:
Delivery on promises.
Inspiring trust and confidence in our customer's.
Representing the product physically.
Treating customer's as individuals.
Being willing to help wherever possible.

Customer feedback – obtaining customer feedback is essential to the company. Without keeping up to date with our customers, we cant be sure that we are meeting their expectations. We will send out surveys via emails and post. Also we will send out regular brochures updating our customers of any changes that may benefit/effect them. We will also call our major customer's regularly to see if there is anywhere we need to improve.
Handling complaints – the procedure for the handling complaints are;

Who is responsible?
In order for Innovative Widgets to run efficiently different sectors of staff take care of different parts of the business. Here is an example for who is responsible for what.
Board of Directors – are responsible for overseeing the activities of Innovative Widgets so that the company meets the expectations of our founder.
Purchasing – are responsible for purchasing our materials need to produce our widgets. They will ensure that we have the best possible deal from a reliable company.
Sales – are responsible for the advertising of our product. They will represent Innovative Widgets and present our products to potential

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