Innovative Widgets

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Innovative Widgets
Innovative Widgets is small firm with about 50 employees. The firm provides widgets, which serve as components for machinery used by companies across industries. Innovative Widgets is a very customer centric company. Since it is small company with a specific focus on providing components, it needs to pay attention to the requirements of its customers. Their business model relies heavily in loyal customers, which lead repeat purchases over time. To achieve this, the company has to develop a string service based model to deal with its clients.
Vision Statement: We want to create value for our customers so as to enable them achieve their vision.

Mission Statement: To be the best components provider and service provider to
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This would help build trust and strengthen the client/customer relationship.
Assurance: A customer of any organization must always feel assured that his investment in a company’s product or service will be worth the amount they pay. To this end it is important for the company, in this case Innovative Widgets, to ensure that the products are of high quality and proper after sales service is provided to its customers. Through this the company can build trust and thus confirm a repeat sale through its clients over time.
Tangibles: It is important to create a positive impression on potential and more importantly existing customers. All the touch points in any customer service design must communicate a company’s vision to its customers. These touch points would include the office space, the regular product quality, the staff. In the case of Innovative Widgets, it would be the knowledgeable staff. It is always comforting to any customer if the staff assigned to their case is knowledgeable.
Empathy: This aspect extends from the points expressed in the section described in the tangibles factor. A staff of knowledgeable personnel can better understand the concerns of the clients and thereby result in much more customized solutions leading to more satisfied customers. An organization should be focused on its customers needs throughout any engagement.
Responsiveness: After sales service is a very critical component of any
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