Inocencio: The Benevolent Liar The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is

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Inocencio: The Benevolent Liar The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one. All is true for Inocencio Reyes, the main character’s father in Cisnero’s novel, Caramelo (2002). Inocencio’s problem is his motivation to be polite to his fellow humans which he fulfills through stretching reality. Now, in nearly every case he only lies to connect with people in order to make them feel happy about meeting him. However, in a few cases Inocencio does lie for his own personal gain. The first notable falsehood propagated by Inocencio was the condition of the house he had purchased in San Antonio. His excitement and whatever he said to the main character, Celaya’s, mother also caused Celaya to become quite excited about the…show more content…
Inocencio also has the tendency to lie in order to portray himself as a different person than he truly is. For some characters this could prove particularly dangerous, but it seems that Inocencio does not blur the distinction between reality and the fabricated reality his sometimes surrounds himself with. For example, in order to receive financial assistance in Celaya’s Catholic high school education, Inocencio schedules a meeting with the parish priest. During this meeting Inocencio speaks of how he has seven sons which he has raised to be outstanding Catholics. He also alleges that he and his seven sons attend church every Sunday, but, contrary to this, Celaya notes that their family never goes to Church and that the only time they wake up early is when they go to the flea market. Nonetheless, the hook of his conversation with the priest, on page 319, is, “If God wills it, my children, they will have a better life than their poor papa.” Luckily for the Reyes family, Inocencio’s skill in the art of deception pays off, and he even brags about his actions later on in the story. So, Inocencio’s inclination to stretch the truth is generally executed in good will, but on occasion he is not afraid to bend reality for his own personal gain. Nevertheless, Inocencio’s ability to talk his way out nearly any situation is what, in my opinion, makes him the most interesting and likable character. In stating this, I also believe that his erroneous conversations made for
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