Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility : Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

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The inpatient setting I have chosen to discuss is an inpatient rehabilitation facility. The main objective of an inpatient rehabilitation facility is to give the patient the tools necessary for recovery and essentially go back to leading a normal life. These patients may include people who have suffered a stroke, an orthopedic injury, a spinal cord injury, or a brain injury. The recovery activities for recovery may include massages, daily living activities, exercise, and stretching. The professionals who work with the patients includes nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, psychologist, pharmacists and social workers. Family and friends are also a major support for the patient’s recovery. Inpatient rehabilitation facilities can be located in a hospital or a separate facility. Rehabilitation facilities that are located within a hospital are privy to specialist such as surgeons, cardiologist, neurologist and oncologist.
I had the pleasure of interviewing, Jaime B. She is an occupational therapist at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. She has a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Eastern Michigan University. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in occupational therapy from the same university. She has been an occupational therapist for over fifteen years. She has been employed as an occupational therapist in a hospital setting for 7 years. Jaime B. has been at her current facility for…
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