Inpatient Services : Identify And Describe An Inpatient Setting

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Case: Inpatient Services • Identify and describe an inpatient setting (e.g., acute inpatient units, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, etc.) to include the services provided, key personnel within the department, and how this department supports or is supported by other departments. • Identify and describe at least one trend that will have an impact on the setting you selected. These can be trends related to supply and demand, political climate, regulatory, demographic changes, or patient care. • Evaluate the impact of these trends on the inpatient setting. Regarding the inpatient setting you have chosen, be factual and current. Comment also how this trend can be evaluated for success. • Analyze the trends, and thinking as a healthcare administrator, how do you capitalize on these trends to improve operation and bottom line performance? How can you mitigate the negative impact of the trends? The Med/Surg ward is by far one of the most important inpatient settings in the hospital. Mainly used for observation of patients. The Med/Surg ward can used as transition for unstable patients, pre and post op patients, and psychiatric patients as well. Services provided can be very broad. Patient’s hygiene is taken cared of daily; such as bathing, mouth care, etc. A lot of times patients will need new IV lines started in order to have IV fluids or medications given through them. Communication must be made between staff and physicians to report signs and symptoms the patient
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