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BETWEEN 30-05-2012 TO 03-06-2012

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This is a report on in-plant training carried out at ashok Leyland limited, Ennore plant during 30-05-2012 to 03-06-2012. This report covers the important manufacturing process carried out at the industry. This report includes the aspects of production carried out at the sections like chassis assembly section, shop II, shop III, shop IV and engine assembly section. At the chassis assembly section, the chassis goes through various stages in which different components were attached to metal frame. In total there were 19 stages through which the
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The Titan PD3 chassis was modified, and a five speed heavy duty constant-mesh gearbox utilized, together with the Ashok Leyland version of the O.680 engine. The Ashok Leyland Titan was very successful, and continued in production for many years. Over the years, Ashok Leyland vehicles have built a reputation for reliability and ruggedness. This was mainly due to the product design legacy carried over from British Leyland. And this is the report of in plant training done in this well reputed organization for period of one week.

DATE OF TRAINING: 30-05-2012
The chassis of the vehicles’ first step starts from here at this shop-3. The frames of the vehicles are fixed together to be sent to the chassis assembly. The skids are mounted on the conveyor belt and frame is placed on the skids. And frame MTG on which engine is mounted is fixed across the two frames. On the rear end of the frame BKTS both sides are aligned with taper pin. Fit and tight FSR and BKTS on both sides with dummy bolts. Tilt both the FSMS to 90degree by turning tackle and insert clamps. Tight and apply torque to engine MTG flinches and M12 with bolts.
Correspondingly in every stage each workers tight appropriate bolt to the frame before taken to chassis assembly make it a complete frame.
DATE OF TRAINING: 31-05-2012
This shop-4 is divided into two departments where the

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