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The Electrical Department at ICF works under the overall control of the Chief Electrical Engineer. The Electrical Design Wing is headed by Chief Design Engineer/Electrical. The Maintenance and Construction Organisation is headed by Chief Electrical General Engineer. Chief Electrical Engineer/Quality Control and Commissioning is responsible for Inspection and Quality Assurance of the components and coaches. The functional Wings of Electrical Branch of ICF are as follows:

a. Designs- The Electrical Design Wing is responsible for evolving new designs of coaches, equipments and sub systems, drawings and specifications for components and assemblies. The Design Wing is also responsible for issuing necessary interfaces for electrical equipments
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7. Specification for LED based Disaster Management emergency light was developed and provided in all types of coaches manufactured in ICF since 2007.

8. As a passenger amenity, 100 VA inverters for lap top/mobile charging points to ICF Spec.No. ICF/Elec/922 was introduced in Second Class SL coaches since 2007.

9. New designs of Kolkata Metro coaches have been developed. These coaches have state of the art features like Passenger Information and Public Address System, air-conditioning with roof mounted ac units and with other advanced features such as inverters for power supply arrangements instead of MA set of existing design of coaches and electrically operated door control unit and state of the air brake system with TBU etc.
10. Power Supply and Maintenance of Machinery & Plant:

i. The Maintenance and Power Supply Wing looks after the power supply arrangement for major load centres in Shell Factory.

ii. Ineffectiveness of Machinery & Plant are kept at 1.2%. iii. Continuous monitoring and energy saving methods deployed has resulted in reduction of specific energy consumption per ECU to 10974 units.

iv. Various safety works such as shrouded contactors in place of DSL, anti-collision device for EOT cranes have been undertaken.

v. Various energy saving measures has been undertaken by the department:

a. Provision of LED indication lamps instead of incandescent indication

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