Essay on Input and Output Devices in Aviation

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Input and Output Devices in Aviation

Technology is an ever evolving, ever changing beast that impacts the lives of every living being. As the technology evolves, so does society's imagination and humankind's will to test all perceived barriers. Such technological advances have allowed mankind to make metal tubes with wings that soar through the sky at speeds greater than the sound barrier. The same technological advances have allowed humans to instantly send and receive written messages through thin air using handheld computers. The same handheld computers can track each other's whereabouts. The next semi-logical step would be to combine these advances which would save precious time and allow
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CPDLC will also use a trajectory based, instead of a static based, system. "The system is [also] increasing safety because it's constantly monitoring the flight progress and warning [controllers] of any deviation from [their] clearances" (EUROCONTROLTV, 2010). The disadvantages of having CPDLC are frequency drops, miscommunication and expensive implementation. Constant transmission is key to having text only communication but it is possible to lose signal, very similar to hitting a dead-spot with cellphone reception. Not only that, but there is also a chance that the data link meant for one plane can be transferred to another resulting in inaccurate transmissions. The main problem with CPDLC is the budget required to implement such technology. "A two-year pilot programme with American Airlines ended unceremoniously in 2005 because of FAA budget issues and an airline industry unwilling to invest in the technology" (Croft, 2012, para. 9). The implementation of CPDLC will greatly enhance the communication between pilots and air-traffic controllers, save time, and prevent misguided trajectories. The system should be easy to learn for the newer controllers due to usage similarities between communication systems such as texting or emailing and the way data link is used. This system is well on its way to wide spread use; for US domestic airlines, technology like
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