Inquiring And Analyzing The Problem

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Inquiring and Analyzing What is the problem? 1.My Logo can’t be so big enough, I need to think some other patterns. 2.I don’t know how to draw it on computer. 3.I need more ideas. 4.I need to sure my personality is. 5.I don’t know how to design a thing. I never done it. Who is it a problem for? Myself. Where is the problem occurring? At the computer. What is the cause of the problem? The problem is I can’t use computer very well.Like how to find some similar to my logo’s picture, and how to use the MindMaple. What effect is the problem creating? It can effect me change my idea. Why do I need to design something? Because I want to use a Logo to show my unique personality. What are the problems that I see arise that could be helped with design? When I looking at the Facebook Logo, I found a message said lipton changed their Logo, I’m very interesting in it,so I change my mind to find that one. Brainstorm different ideas for a design 1.My English name is Amy Feng, so I can design a Logo just AF. 2.My favorite color is blue and yellow, I want put this in my Logo. 3.I can put AF this two letters together, to be a hole pattern. Put your observation notes, photos, videos, or video links here: Designer:Thomas Lipton Founder: Thomas Lipton In 1893, Thomas Lipton established the Thomas J Lipton Ltd. Headquarters and tea packaging company is in Hoboken, New Jersey. Lipton tea made a good success in the U.S.A.and U.K.. Thomas Lipton was knighted by
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