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Case Assignment 2 Liberty University BUSI 600 Abstract This paper defines Penton Media’s sampling plan and research design for their study on if their reader service cards are still successful in getting buyer’s attentions. There are five questions that develop the sampling plan and Penton Media’s answers to these questions are described in this paper along with the strengths and weaknesses of their decisions. Their research design is also explained in the eight categories given. Finally, the strengths and weaknesses of their research design are given. Case Assignment 2 Penton Media has designed a research study to determine if the reader…show more content…
For data gathering, a communication study was used in the form of a survey. Ex post facto extent of control was used since Penton Media can’t change the results and have to report the results they receive. The purpose was chosen as a reporting study as they are compiling data and providing a summary of the survey results. This study’s time frame is cross-sectional with a survey being sent out once for the formal results. The topical scope is statistical because it wants to compare characteristics and draw conclusions. Field conditions were used in this study because there is no change in the surveyor’s environment. Finally, the participant’s perceptions are not changed and they are aware of the research being conducted. Strengths The strength of this study is in the ex post facto design where Penton Media has to report from the survey results. There is no way that Penton Media can change or modify the results so this makes the research more reliable and dependable. Another strength is that the participant’s environment and perceptions aren’t changed or affected. This makes for more honest and trustworthy results. Weaknesses A communication study is great for the research question that Penton Media is trying to answer. However, they could also get more data from their advertisers. Since many companies keep a record of how a customer finds out about their company, it would be worthwhile to also get
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