Inquiry-Based Study

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Dream Primary School’s establishment involved collaboration between many levels of the community as it morphed from rural school into modern learning centre, landing firmly in the 21st Century, facing a myriad of expectations and challenges.
Forty kilometres from the CBD, the school’s feeder community rates well socioeconomically with above average median household incomes and high employment rates. 87% of the local population are from English speaking backgrounds and 11.7% were born overseas.
Although demographics are excellent, there are still learning challenges that confronting the learning community. For example - 10 students and their families recently joined the school after migrating from overseas. These students and their families require a range of
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(Literature review: Student-centred schools make the difference)
Guided by the Australian Curriculum, its key learning areas and general capabilities, the school recognises that students require a range of information skills and understandings to ‘satisfy their changing information needs’ (NSW, Dept of Ed & Training, 2007) throughout the 21st Century and beyond. Inquiry-based learning provides the basis for learning these skills. During the inquiry process, students ‘draw on several ways of investigating and expressing their growing understandings – integrating skills and content from multiple disciplines or learning areas’ ( Cath Murdoch).
Collaboration between the teacher librarian and teachers results in the creation of real life tasks and carefully structured learning experiences. These inspire students to research and find information they need and develop problem solving abilities along with skills for lifelong learning that support them to “become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens” (MCEETYA
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