Insanity Defense : The Insanity Defence Essay

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Kolbi Jones English 1301 Rebecca Balcarcel November 16, 2016 The Insanity Defence His wife collapsed on the ground with a pool of blood around her head, her husband confused of the events that had just transpired. Hearing the sirens in the distance getting closer and closer; suddenly a hard bang coming from the door followed by a man yelling “Mr. Stevenson come out with your hands up”. Confused and in a daze, the man slowly walked out screaming, asking what happened and how he got here. When the man is dragged in for questioning he still has no idea what had just transpired that night. Repeating himself over and over again Mr.Stevenson pleaded that he did not in fact commit the crime, and that someone framed him. The police do not believe him. The next day Stevenson is taken into a courtroom, as he looks around there is pure silence, his lawyer stands up and says “My client pleads insanity and mental incompetence.” The judge looks us and quietly laughs and says “Mr.Stevenson you are being sentenced to 50 years with no parole in maximum state prison.” As Mr.Stevenson is being dragged out of the room kicking and screaming of his innocence and swearing on his daughter 's life that he did not kill his wife, but no one believed him. Inmates with mental illnesses in state penitentiaries is rising at a alarmly fast pace. The individuals that are thrown into prisons with unknown or undiagnosed mental illnesses are severely mistreated and abused on a daily basis. They are
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