Insanity In Macbeth

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In the fourth scene of the third act, Macbeth speaks aside to the first murder regarding Banquo’s death; though it is assumed was present during the occurrence as Macbeth was actually the third murder himself. Previously Macbeth ordered two murderers to take care of Banquo and his son; later it is said that three murderers enter, though the audience knows that only Macbeth and the two murderers he instructed to carry though with the deed knew the fine details about his scheme to eliminate Banquo and his son. Remaining consistent to Macbeth theoretically being the third murder, he must meet with the first murder to protect his cover. It is that but mere insanity that has taken over his sense of reality that has caused Macbeth to dictate and…show more content…
Macbeth’s lines found in this aside, are significant to the degree to which they present Macbeth’s brutal insanity that has taken over his mind. Macbeth rambles on his worry and dissatisfaction of Fleance’s escape; though we are to think he was present during this occurrence, however, this may have gone unnoticed while he was finishing Banquo. This increasing insanity within Macbeth’s character completely distorts his mental state putting him in a dangerous position for his near future and his over destruction. Insanity is important as it along with his strong hold on becoming king that had led him this far down, that there is not turning back for Macbeth, falling right into a trap that will take his life. Aside from later hearing the horror in Macbeth’s mind as he speaks to the first murderer, Shakespeare creates a strong imagery his corrupt brain after his plan to destruct all fell through, when he claimed to ‘see’ Banquo’s ghost. Macbeth’s mind then works against him in his prophecy coming true - using metaphorical language to exclaim his worry and discomfort moving
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