Insanity Max: 30 Workout Analysis

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I am not going to stop, this time I will make it to the end, was the singular thought that ran through my mind while jumping around in my cold, dimly-lit basement. After many close attempts, I was approaching twenty-six minutes, knowing that failing to push for four more would be cheating myself completely. With the last minute approaching, I had to go all out with high knee jabs. My abs were burning, my body was exhausted, but my mind was strongest it had ever been. When the clock hit thirty minutes, I heard the words, “Max Out!” and I fell to the ground. I was lying there frozen in time; it was such a triumphant moment. Completing the hardest Insanity Max:30 workout reminded me what years of fitness had helped me to achieve. Fitness would…show more content…
Britton changed what the act of exercise itself meant to me, “It can be comfortable, or you can put in hard work.” I was not sure what the benefit of the, “hard work” really was. From day one, when the class was required to run at the beginning for five minutes; I began to understand his theory. What started as a comfortable task, due to being overweight, became a personal challenge. Alone, I would run in the rectangular path of the room which seemed infinite, with annoying Top-40 pop songs blaring from the speakers overhead. It was a challenge from the start. I was breathing heavy, sweating more as time progressed, wanting to give up. With motivation from Mr. Britton and myself, giving up never happened. Though I struggled to the very end each day, I felt accomplished and surprisingly energetic afterwards. These feelings that running had never given to me before became addictive. What I took the most from his class was a newfound love for running and learning to push myself. Little did I know that this spark for running would have a significant…show more content…
Still being a chubby twelve year old, the idea of running being its own sport was quite nerve racking. The races would incorporate other kids, but I would still be competing with myself. Nonetheless, I wanted to become better and do the best that I could do. I had absolutely no idea what type of events I could run. Low and behold, I was thrown into the three shortest sprint races like every other kid on the middle school track
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