Insanity Plea Essay

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Insanity Plea Insanity, comes from the Latin word sanus, meaning healthy. Insane is meant to be the opposite, sick or of unsound mind. # In the court of law, the jury must prove that at the time of the crime, the defendant was not in a sane mind. The attorneys job is to prove without a doubt, that the defendant was not in control of their actions, at the time the crime was committed. Once this is done and the verdict is given, if found guilty by reason of insanity, the person is usually sent to a mental hospital, where treatment can be give. Once at the hospital the patient is then give therapy and even drugs if needed. At the time when the person and the doctors feel he/she are capable of going back into society, and when…show more content…
A person also can be found not guilty by reason of insanity if he or she did know what was happening but did not understand that it was wrong. Since this rule requires a disease or defect of the mind, the lowering of a person's inhibitions by drugs, alcohol, blind hatred, extreme anger or some neurotic behavior would not provide an insanity defense. However, more recently states have been adopting a more interpretative view on the insanity plea. The American Law Institute (ALI) requires the defendants to be judged and found not guilty if either two of theses points can be adequately established in the court of law. First of all they must show that due to an mental disease or defect the defendants lacked, at the time, the substantial mental capacity either to understand what they did, and, secondly to conform their act to the requirements of the law.# In the court of law you can also plea that at the time of the crime you were in a diminished capacity, incapable of premeditation. Which means that even though you are sane in your everyday life at the time of the crime you were in a sudden mad rage, causing you to act the way you did, so therefore you were temporarily insane. While an insanity defense could be raised in almost
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