Insecticide Chapter 3

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Chapters 1 & 2 1. A scientist who is trying to make an insecticide that is more toxic to mosquitoes than to humans would be involved in what? b. applied research 2. Identify each of the following outdoor activities as a physical or chemical change? a. Raking leaves- Physical (leaves do not change their shape after raking) b. Burning leaves- Chemical (leaves becomes ash and irreversible) c. Starting a lawn mower- Chemical (the oil is used up, and also irreversible) d. Mowing the lawn- Physical (lawn does not change) e. Digging a garden- Physical (garden is still garden, unchanged) f. Growing a garden- Both Chemical and Physical (fertilizers, herbicides, plant photosynthesis, and change in size of those plants) 3. Is it possible that…show more content…
Write the symbols for the six elements you named in question 4. • Solids: Al and Cu • Liquids: Hg and Br • Gases: H and N 6. Name four kinds of energy. • Light • Heat • Electric • Mechanical 7. Is it possible to have a mixture of two elements and also to have a compound of the same two elements? Explain. Can you think of an example? _Yes, it is. Water with H2O as its chemical formulas is a good example for this situation. It consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen. 8. Is the tea in tea bags a pure substance? Use the process of making tea to make an argument for your answer. How would your argument apply to instant tea? _The tea in a tea bag is mixed with other water-soluble substances like artificial flavors, so when we put the instant tea bag and dissolve it in hot water, we will have a hot, delicious, “homogenous” tea. 9. a. How many milligrams are there in 1 gram? 1 gram= 1000 milligrams b. How many meters are there in 1 kilometer? 1 likometer= 1000 meters c. How many centigrams are there in 1 gram? 1 gram= 100 centigrams 10. Which of the following quantities is a density? (hint check your units!) c. 1.5 g/ml 11. A computer has 60 gigabyte hard drive. How many bytes is this? 60 gigabytes x (109 bytes/ 1gigabyte) = 6.0 x 1010
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