Essay on Insecurity and Self-Esteem

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Insecurity drills a hole into a person’s heart, minimizes their integrity, and accumulates as plaque build up, hindering any kind of future growth. Just as any human being’s growth is stifled by the insecurity within them, the United States as a whole suffers the same from its own tremendous amount of insecurity. This lack of acknowledgement of self-worth causes a ghastly chain reaction; people tend to pursue the wrong ideals, become corrupt, and inevitably lead themselves to their own demise. Insecurity is a route to destruction, and America is speeding down that road to dissolution. The dictionary’s definition of insecurity is: “ uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence”("Insecurity," Oxford English…show more content…
Now, considering this aspect, one realizes how a person can not function with insecurity and low self-esteem; so then, a whole country trying to function and grow with its insecurity and low self-esteem is simply impossible. Insecurity in America exists in many forms as well as in many areas of the American culture. The main places in which insecurity permeates from are stereotyping, the media, and worst of all, condemnation by peers. With all these different types ways in which one can be provoked, it is no wonder much of America suffers from low self-esteem. Since America is a large melting-pot of cultures, unfortunately it comes with much stereotyping. Many people simply look at eachother, and based on prior situations, stereotype the person in front of them. While doing so, they don't realize how detrimental they are being to that person’s future. When one downgrades another, they not only hurt them emotionally, but hinder them from every growing as individuals. For example, in the United States, not too much time back, African Americans were constantly stereotyped as less than human. No one expected anything of them, and constantly put them down, so for that reason alone, many simply gave up, and just fell into the stereotype. If you address someone as a certain person for long enough, they will give you what you expect of them. Because of this reason, many Americans have simply given up and fallen into whatever
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