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Insert Creative Title Here: Creativities Role in the Educational System Katie Eliades April, 3 2013 JRP American Voices Period 3 Creativity is thought to be something more of a selective gift or personal trait rather than a skill. It is not magic it just needs to be taught and people need to have the time and the right environment. People are commonly found saying, “oh no I can’t help you with that project I’m not creative.” This statement however is similar to people saying they cannot “do math”. In actuality every person has the capability of doing math however to some it comes easier than others. It has been construed for a long time that creativity is a talent that only a few possess in order to physically construct things commonly associated with the arts. However, creativity is not some rare gift bestowed on certain children at birth; it is a mental capability and a skill that must be nourished in order to reach its full potential for that particular individual. It is a skill that extends itself much further than creating acceptable paintings and pleasing songs. It is an essential life skill to have and thus needs to be taught to people at a young age so they can adequately develop this skill and use it throughout their whole lives. The American educational system fails to embrace creativity which consequently produces students with misguided views of the importance of learning and makes student unprepared for college in

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