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Insert Surname 3 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Love, Family, Crime and Justice Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores several themes that define what it is to be a human. Victor Frankenstein perceived the monster he created as an evil demon though the book prompts learners to see the whole story from the monster’s perspective. Learners will be forced to sympathize with the monster as the book unfolds to showcase how he is alienated from a typical family after Victor declined to create him a companion and how he results into monstrous acts while trying to seek revenge for the injustices of his creator. The themes of love, family, crime and justice are crucial in a learning environment since they are necessary aspects…show more content…
The monster makes allusion to the Bible arguing that he should have a companion just like Adam in the Bible rather being treated like a fallen angel. Being his creator, the monster had no one else to look up to during such occasions. Coexisting with humans, the monster also wanted to experience love just like any other ordinary person. All that the monster asked was understanding and acknowledgment that he deserves better than what his creator was willing to offer. The monster violence attitude to his creator and all those Victor holds dear solidifies where he places love among its scale of choices. It is evident that it is the absence of love that prompts the monster to act wild and even commit murder in extreme situations. All this leads to the deaths of Victor’s brother, their house worker and his to be wedded bride who have all killed the monster in the quest for revenge. The monster had spent time with the De Lacey family and was well acquainted with the value of love in a social construct. It is through love that people tend to comfort, console, and enjoy the fun together in a manner that is barely dictated by what unfold in our environs and everyday lives. Interestingly, Victor’s love for Elizabeth almost drove him nuts after learning that the monster had killed the bride during the wedding day. This forms the climax of the plays after Victor sets out to search for the monster and this

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