Insertion Of Mutant Lamin Proteins In Sw480 Colon Adenocarcinoma

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Insertion of Mutant Lamin Proteins in SW480 colon adenocarcinoma cells Abstract Nuclear Lamina is a mesh like network that lines the nuclear membrane and provides architectural support 2. Lamin proteins are important for cellular structure as well as cellular organization and because of this, functioning lamin proteins are vital in proper expression of genes 1. When mutated, lamin proteins lead to multiple degenerative diseases related to premature aging and diseases like progeria and muscular dystrophy. Although comprehensive research has been done on mutant lamin proteins, the relationship between genotypes and phenotypes are poorly understood 2. This proposal aims to analyze the different genotypic and phenotypic effects by…show more content…
Background and Significance Lamins play an important role in anchoring chromatin to the nuclear periphery. By doing this, the nucleus becomes compartmentalized so the cell is ready for transcription, translation, replication, and repair. Lamin A, lamin C, Lamin B1, and Lamin B2 are the most common lamin proteins. Lamin A and C are known to help with cell survival(willis). Lamin B1 and B2 are known to play a role in organization and survival ( This is important because it organizes the nucleus so that the genes that are going to be expressed are in the middle surrounded by transcription factors (paper he gave us) and the inactive genes are silenced by anchoring it to the periphery of the nucleus. Lamin proteins also help add stability to the nucleus and helps protect it from outside pressure which could damage the replication or transcription process. The more that lamins are expressed, the more mechanically stable the nucleus will be, and tissue rigidity and plasticity. When mutated, Lamin proteins lose their ability to properly organize and provide support for the nucleus. Mutations in lamin proteins lead to over a dozen of degenerative disorders such as muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathies, lipodystrophies, and premature aging syndromes (cite). Phenotype-genotype relationships of lamin proteins are poorly understood making it difficult to treat or

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