Inside Bevmo Drinks Swot Analysis

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Inside BevMo Drinks SWOT Analysis
Kim Murphy
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Inside BevMo Drinks SWOT Analysis Executive Summary
In 2007, BevMo, a leading alcoholic beverage retail chain was acquired by private equity

firm Tower Brook Capital Partners. Some strengths of the company are its great pricing and excellent

distribution. A few weaknesses of BevMo are its brand recognition and its facility. The great

opportunities is the excellent climate and new items. Major threat is competition and the other is the

shelf date.

Brief Background
Beverages & More, Inc. retails alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the United
States. It offers wines, spirits, and beers; specialty foods and snacks, cigars, glassware, and
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Foods such as cheese included in the product will have to be chosen offering longer shelf lives; otherwise there could be a great deal of waste.
Marketing Research Approach

Market research is utilized by companies to make the right decisions when it comes to

offering a product or a service. Many companies rely on marketing research to better understand

and also find out if a possibility exists for a new product or service. In the past many companies

felt that in order to truly identify a market a company would have to go through the process of

selling in order to get a true reading on the market, however research over the years has

demonstrated that performing an in-depth market research can potentially save a company

thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing their diligence and

understanding if a certain segment of the market will truly appreciate a product or service to be

For BevMo performing market research would provide decision makers with information and factual data which would demonstrate the effectiveness of an opportunity such as the launch of a new products. Without the factual data which derives from research marketing; such as deployment of this new product could potentially damage Beverage and More financially in a negative form. In order to have good marketing an engagement of this size must begin

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