Inside Fedex Express

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(unclassified paper)

Secretary of Defense Fellowship Program

Inside FedEx Express

Captain Gary Peterson
12 May 2006

Edited by
Ms. Gerry Yemen

Inside FedEx Express


As a Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow during 2005-2006, I was assigned to work at FedEx Express located in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx Express provides time-critical delivery services and associated information assistance globally. It is one of several Operating Companies (OPCO) within FedEx Corporation. Other OPCOs include: FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Kinko’s. Each OPCO operates independently, competes collectively, and manages collaboratively. FedEx Services, FedEx Trade Networks,
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What began as domestic delivery became global delivery with the acquisition of Flying Tigers in 1989. ByIn 1995, FedEx became the sole U.S. based all cargo carrier in China.

Time-critical package delivery expanded to include deferred delivery with the 1998 purchase of Caliper, which owned RPS, and became FedEx Ground in 2000. Viking Freight, the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) component of that purchase, was initially less important than Caliper. But Smith and his senior executives recognized the opportunity to expand their delivery reach and in 2001 bought American Freightways to combine with Viking to make FedEx Freight.

FedEx Services was created in 2000 as a vehicle to merge Sales, Marketing, and Technology support for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. This "manage collaboratively" effort was a well-devised method of creating efficiency and customer focus into the FedEx brand, while maintaining independent operating companies. Today, Services coordinates these functions and ecommerce activities for FedEx Freight as well.

In 2004 Kinko’s became FedEx Kinko’s. Well over a thousand retail sites offered attractive outlets to reach FedEx retail customers. FedEx also placed a bet on providing business solutions as opposed to only package delivery. Kinko’s catersed to small businesses—a key market for growth.

FedEx and the Secretary of Defense
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