Inside Job 2010 Directed By Charles Ferguson

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International business is the most desirable and vital phenomena in today’s modern world. Most individuals know that International Business is the necessity for the prosperity of our world. No one can prosper without performing business internationally. When learning of how other countries conduct International Business, a company can expand their market to appeal to citizens of these places. However, being as close knit as we are to other countries, not everyone holds the same values. Every business’ goals is to make profit and if one company acts in an unethical matter, that will create a downfall domino effect. This statement holds truth for the result of the financial/banking crisis that occurred in 2008 because of many errors that were made unethically and eventually affected many other countries around the world and their living conditions. The documentary Inside Job 2010 directed by Charles Ferguson is without a doubt a very effective film documentary. It did an outstanding job of giving more insight on the banking crisis in 2008 and how it created a domino effect leading to global recession. In all honesty, this film did not shock me at all in terms of how corrupt the financial industry in the United States is. What I found humorous in this documentary, were the moments throughout the film where most of the important questions to be answered followed with the next screen that said “____ declined to be interviewed for this film”. However, besides the partial humor,
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