Inside Look at Google

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AN INSIDE LOOK AT GOOGLE An Inside Look at Google People Management 520 June 1, 2014 Abstract Being named the top company to work for, for the last four years is no easy feat. But Google has created a recipe for success in how they recruit, manage, evaluate and motivate their 33,100 employees. By utilizing their data analysis systems and empowering their employees, Google has been able to create a successful workforce that focuses on work/life balance and transparency for all of their employees. An Inside Look at Google Out of thousands of employees surveyed, Google has been named the Best Company to Work For by Fortune Magazine for the last four years (Surwood, 2013). The survey is based upon factors such as…show more content…
All employees have access to first class dining facilities that provide a free gourmet lunch and dinner every day, along with free dry cleaning, a gym, salon, massage parlor, a car wash, bike repair shop, laundry rooms, an on-site doctor and commuting buses. Additional perks include 18 weeks off with 100% pay for maternity leave with includes $500 for new parents, tuition reimbursement, up to $5000 for adoption assistance and $5,000 for when employees purchase a hybrid vehicle. Employees also obtain vacation packages and Google will match up to $3000 per year for charitable contributions. These additional benefits are perhaps their strongest strategic capability and their largest competitive advantage in retaining employees. Another strategic capability is that employees have access to a product manager for career and management purposes. This manager will teach them how to negotiate better salaries, improve their presentation skills and talk them through the reasons why they should or they shouldn’t leave to start their one company (Walker, 2012). A disadvantage is that once a person has been with company and learned these practices, they can leave the company and attempt to replicate the same advantages in their new company. Another disadvantage is that it is incredibly costly to maintain these benefits. Google utilizes a
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