Inside Out And Back Again Essay

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Charlotte Russell 1/6/15
Essay period 2 In the novel “Inside Out and Back Again” by Thanha Lai, the universal refugee experience is expressed through the title, and Ha’s individual experience of fleeing and finding home. This essay will show the hardships of turning inside out and how hard it is coming back again. In “Inside Out and Back Again” an independent, determined girl named Ha flees her home in Vietnam because of war and poverty. Ha and her family flee to Alabama to start a better life. In Alabama, Ha faces challenges such as bullying, and racism that make her stronger to come back again. In “Inside Out and Back Again” Ha’s life is turned inside out. Ha’s father was in the Navy and was captured.
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After Ha is faced with hardships and grief from fleeing home she starts to come back again. Ha was struggling to learn the English language until Miss. Washington offered to tutor her. Ha says “my vocabulary grows (Page 166)!” which is a big accomplishment for Ha because she didn’t know any English when she came
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