Inside Out By Pete Docter And Ronnie Del Carmen Essay

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The mind is a universal mystery that will forever be an ongoing adventure. For centuries, scientists have been baffled by the complexity of human thoughts and the functions of the brain. As scientists begin to focus on children and the complexity of a child’s growing mind, the world is able to watch not only the child grow, but also the brain grow as well. In Inside Out, Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen exemplify multiple physiological development theories and concepts in a young girl by the name of Riley who moves from a small hockey town in Minnesota to the big city of San Francisco. From start to finish, the audience watches Riley grow from a newborn baby into a blossoming twelve year old girl. One of the first developmental processes that appears is the aspect of easy temperament (256). Riley is a joyous little girl who promotes an excited and positive attitude quite constantly. The first portrayal of anger comes at the dinner table, but it is quickly deterred by a quick airplane technique that grasp the attention of the young toddler. The positive outlook and generally cheerful attitude is a slight but insightful indicator of an easy temperament child (256). Her entire disposition throughout the entire film stays majoritily positive. As we will later see in the upcoming paragraphs, proper parenting and emotional responses help lead to the easy and positive temperament of Riley. Moreover, a child is entered into this world without any expectation of what its future

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