Inside Sport Pschology

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Inside Sport Psychology examines different sport psychology elements that can be transferred into every day coaching. Costas Karageorghis and Peter Terry discuss sports applications that prove helpful to coaches, athletes, team managers as well as students of sports psychology. The applications that are presented are applicable on the sports field in addition to other areas of our lives. Because athletes recognise the effect of psychology, many feel as if they have no or little control over their mind as a performance factor.

Aims of Inside Sport Psychology
The authors aimed to provide readers with a structured as well as easy-to-use guide to help coaches and athletes complement existing skills and aptitudes in addition to developing psychological aspects of performance. One of the primary aims of Inside Sport Psychology is to present theories to develop the psychological aspects of readying athletes for training and competition. Inside Sport Psychology uses examples from sports to demonstrate the principles which range from motivation to competition anxiety as well as a great wealth of unique perspectives. Another aim is to provide techniques to assist athletes reproduce optimal mental states and developing strategies that will help them cope with stressful situations such as competitions and rivalry.

Layout of Chapters
The layout of all the chapters follows a similar format to all readers to easily read and track the information. Every topic is well
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