Inside The Computer : A Discourse Community

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Inside the Computer The idea of groups has been going on for as long as there have been humans. So it isn’t beyond the imagination to find that there are specific terms for different groups. But today, this essay will be focusing on a single term for a group. This term is called a discourse community. What is a discourse community? A discourse community is a group of people involved in and communicating about a particular topic, issue, or in a particular field (Instructure, 2013). And to go into even more depth about what this essay is about, it has to do with a class that I am in. This class is called comp 1900, and it is an introduction to computer science course. And the reason why I have chosen to see this class as a discourse community is because I believe it fits into the six Swales rules for deciding if a community is a discourse community. The rules go as follows from the “Writing about Writing” book by Elizabeth Wardle and Doug Downs: • “A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals.”(Wardle & Downs, 2014, p: 220) • “A discourse community has mechanisms of intercommunication among its members”.(Wardle & Downs, 2014, p: 221) • “A discourse community uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback.” (Wardle & Downs, 2014, p: 221) • “A discourse community utilizes and hence possesses one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims.”(Wardle & Downs, 2014, p: 221) • “In addition to owning genres,
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