Inside The Eye Of A Hurricane

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Inside the Eye of A Hurricane

Outside of our cozy house indoors, the skies unleashed its fury against our town. The rain against our metal roof sounded louder than the thunder that clapped with a large boom every few minutes. The living room was illuminated by a TV in the middle. Our gas fireplace warmed my feet, which had been wet and cold from the nearby beach I had been at all morning watching the storm. We had the news blasted up as loud as it could go just to hear it over the rain and thunder. The wind was relentless as well.

Outside, it wasn’t your average storm that was taking place. Living in Hawaii, in the middle of the ocean, we were susceptible to hurricanes. They were simply a menace to us, a threat looming over our town, constantly during the summer and fall. The weatherman called for Hurricane Daniel, but we didn 't evacuate. Our family, like many others, ignored the warnings. This hurricane had already ravaged Florida and Georgia and was now directly above us. I wondered if we should have evacuated when we had the chance.

I looked outside to see water from the Atlantic Ocean rushing down the streets. The wind more than howled, it screamed and shook our house’s very foundation. Water was up to our ankles now and still rising, so my mother had us go upstairs. My mom, dad, even my cat, Oahu, and I were hunkered down upstairs, terrified. What if we I lost our house? What if I lost my family or my cat? I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out the terror
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