Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer

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The title of my proposed topic is: Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer. Mental Health services are a great portion of the Health and Human Service arena offering services to groups, individuals, intervention, prevention, inpatient, outpatient, and clinical administering of prescription drugs as well as court required evaluations. Mental health services are vital for understanding violent criminals and the treatment of all mental disorders. There are many Live-in Treatment Facilities to assist individuals in understanding their thoughts and to help them comprehend the results of their actions. These services are important for therapy, convalescence, and setback prevention for people of all color, races, ages, and creeds. I chose this subject of extreme violence because I have often wondered what would cause an individual to take the lives of other humans for apparently no reason and with no remorse. Personally I experienced living in an area where several retarded children were murdered with a single brick. This incident had everyone up in arms. The second occurrence that highly affected my life was the Atlanta Children Murders/ Wayne Williams. Every, since these two occurrences took place I’ve often wondered what was the root cause of such senseless and brutal actions. So I started watching television programs such as the F.B.I. Americas Most Wanted, and any other media program that had to do with serial killers-such as Wayne Casey, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer. So my
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