Inside an Airport Terminal

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As they all look around, in awe, the extensiveness of the building begins to dawn upon them. Thrilled looking infants are roaming about, completely stunned by the sheer preciseness of the terminal’s architecture. A strong smell of coffee ignites everyone’s hearts. Within seconds people are blitzing around in all directions, like a bunch of atoms that have just been heated, pushing the trolleys so fast that the wheels look disorientated enough to fall off. Wheels on trolleys are digging so deep into the floor that it causes a perpetual screech to echo throughout the airport. Despite this the floor remains unblemished; the polish makes it look as lustrous as a shooting star soaring through the night sky. A divine voice speaks through the PA system and guides the passenger through the perplexing corridors of the terminal, like a guardian angel.
The guardian angel leads the travellers to the check-in desk. Desperate to make sure that they don’t waste any time standing in line, everyone prepares to bombard the check-in queue. Then like a pitbull of his lead, the passengers swiftly dodge past one another just to get to the front of the line. Rolling their eyes in a conspicuous manner to mock those running to get to the front of the queue, the more sagacious of the passengers simply walk into the back of the line. Meanwhile just a few yards across men dressed in…
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