Inside the Aircraft Accident Investigation Process

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Airplane Crash Question During an airplane crash, what can be done to ensure it is investigated in a manner that preserves prosecution in the event it was no accident but intentional? Similar to any crime scene, it is necessary that investigators try to preserve the crime scene as much as possible. Investigators will have the best chance of determining the cause of a crash provided they are given as much evidence as possible. Contamination of crime scenes is always a problem, but this is even more of an issue at a crash, where much of the evidence is destroyed because of the collision or n the case of a fire started by said collision. All material that survives the crash in examined and then sent for analysis if it appears suspicious to the investigators (Houston 2013). The most important aspect of the investigation is getting to the scene in the most expeditious manner possible. Leaving evidence allows for more interference by those who were either on the plane or those who have gathered around the wreckage and this must be taken into account. Preservation of evidence is key and this is best done by getting to the scene quickly and preventing intrusion by non-investigate persons. This allows contamination to be at a minimum. In investigating a plane crash, investigators priorities are to interview survivors of the crash as well as witness and examine aircraft parts, surviving instruments, and the remnants of the engine (Accident 2013). The air crash investigator will
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