Inside the Criminal Justice System

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Criminal justice The government in the United States is made in such a way that no one faction of the government has limitless power. In other words, there has always been a system of checks and balances to maintain order in the system. It should be noted that justice in a society relies on restrictions and limitations by not only the citizens but on the government as well. (Delattre, 2011) The limitations and restrictions can only be present till a certain limit. This means that the first line of smooth sailing is the morals and the ethics of a government official himself. Ethical considerations are the key to decisions that involve force and discretion. They are required by a person in order to make the right decision. Even though the criminal justice system is there to create justice itself, however it should be questioned as well. The criminal justice system can also include many flaws and issues that require a criminal justice practitioner to be ethical. This meaning that there should be restrictions on how a punishment is placed and whether it is just or not? The functioning, safety and the conditions of the prisons and the way the prisoners are treated also need to be reviewed. If the functions are observed on the institutional level, then the fairness at work and a safe working environment needs to be looked into as well. All these things would be carried out smoothly if the persons know about ethics and know what is right from wrong. Simply put, no officer or
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