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Q.1. What do you think is the main messages this movie is trying to deliver?
The movie’s message is that without the help of many different sources white collar crime can be extremely hard to expose. Therefore, in order to expose white collar crime people in different positions need to work together in order to be able to bring the necessary attention to the crime. The movie also demonstrated that even when things don’t seem to be coming together at the end people with integrity will stand together to push forward and get the desirable outcome (The Insider).
Q.2. How can this movie be related to the major issues of exposing white collar crime?
In today’s society, there are many things that make it hard for white collar crimes to be exposed. One of the main problem portrayed within this movie was how easily the media was able to manipulate exactly what people were allowed to see. Secondly, white collar crimes can be hard to prove because many times major corporations will hire external help to go out and find information that could ruin the whistleblowers reputation. By doing this the whistleblowers credibility can be jeopardized making it easier for the corporation to continue to be seen as a reputable organization (The Insider).
Q.3. What factors inhibit people or mass media from becoming whistleblowers in this movie? The movie “Insider”
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In addition, whistleblowers should be portrayed as being good in order for society to begin seeing them in a positive way. Furthermore, the government should make this type of crimes a public matter. Allowing the public to be able to see all charges and outcome regarding these cases could bring out other wrongdoings in other organizations. The government should also impose greater punishment such as jail time for these types of crimes rather than imposing fines that they are able to
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