Insider in Fahrenheit 451 and Extra, a Thousand Years of Good Prayers

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Page 1 of 6 The meaning of ‘outsider’ is the person in part of the society. They obey and converge in the social value which set up by the government. In both Fahrenheit 451 and A thousand years of good prayers, we see that there is several of characters absorb the knowledge and social value. These characters are under controlled and they find it is a right way in obeying the structure of the society. ‘Outsider’ in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury represents to the main character Montag and other characters such as Clarisse, Faber, the woman burnt and Captain Beatty. They are healthy on themselves. But there is something goes on a wrong way in the society. Besides, the ‘outsiders’ in the story Extra from the book A thousand years of good…show more content…
Everyone (neighbourhood) is looking for the ‘show’ of burning the house. House-door opened all down the street and lights flicked to wait for watching the carnival to set up (p. 121). Irony of the carnival tells that everyone possesses a mind that being the spectator to look forward how Montag’s house is going to be burnt down. No one willing to help him as they don 't want to be burnt. In a contrast, Montag has a happy ending for himself at the end of the story. He finally found a group of people stood at the same line with him. He is still the one abandoned by the society. But he is not abandoned by the group of people. The society showed that you would be abandoned if you were the one who disobey the idea of the society. For Granny Lin, it is obvious that she is an abandon since the title of the story has pointed her characteristic in the story, an extra. She is being abandoned at the beginning, the middle part and the end of the story. All of the turning points in the story bring her to ‘being abandoned’ again. She has no capable in the society. She lost her job at the beginning of the story. After she has married to Old Tang, his dead makes her being abandoned by ‘hers family’, the sons of Old Tang. In addition, she can 't catch up with the life after she has dismissed from the school. She wonders since when she is not longer being one of them (p. 22). Page 4 of 6 Although they are someone

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