Insight into Professional Selling

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MKTG 311

The objective of this project is to give you the opportunity to get some practical insight into professional selling by interviewing a professional sales person and observing him/her perform the basic selling techniques in a real life situation. You will then apply the concepts that you learned in this course by documenting your findings and observations in a report based on the format provided.

Value: 30% of final grade.

Due Dates: Sec.1B Sec.2M Sec.1M
Proposal (see attached) Sept.30 Oct.3 Oct.4 Note:
Status Report (1 Page) Oct.28 Oct.31 Nov.1 Failure to meet the due date for the final
Final Project
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Identify the industry.
Provide a brief overview of company history, corporate ownership, and scope of Canadian Operations, including: size, location, functions performed in Canada and estimated annual sales.
Identify and describe the company’s major business customers. * Research required - all facts must be properly cited.

2. Industry Profile Include: industry size, major industry trends, description of the major competitors and their market share * Research required - all facts must be properly cited.

3. Profile of Salesperson and the Sales Department
Identify your salesperson’s background. Include: academic background and previous work experience, length of service, job responsibilities, sales territory and major accounts/customers.
Describe how the Sales Department is structured. How many salespeople work there?
Provide an organization chart for the Sales Department and show where your sales person fits in. If a chart is not available, then create one based on the information provided by the sales person.
Describe the opportunities for advancement.

4. Compensation, Recruitment and Sales Training
Describe how sales people in this company are compensated? (See text page 425-6)
i.e. base salary, bonus, commission, car allowance, medical benefits etc.
What are the salary ranges for salespeople in the company as they progress?
*(Do not ask the salesperson how much money he/she
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