Essay about Insight to Marketing Strategies

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Marketing. “It is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer” (What is Marketing, 2010). In choosing this topic for my senior seminar paper, I hope to discover the material I need to create a stronger knowledge about marketing in order to help me create a product that will help the community. This paper will dive deep into the past, present and future of marketing and elaborate on specific points that help businesses apply correct marketing strategies to everyday life. Some people say that marketing has been around forever. Other people say that it has just surfaced within the past couple of centuries. “Trade and payment in money, goods and services have been around for thousands of years.…show more content…
On the other hand, marketing is not about getting customers to pay for products or services, but about creating a demand for that product or service and fufiling the wants and needs of the consumers. ”These are just some of the underlying factors that can affect a market, or even kill off a brand”(MMC learning, n.d.). “A strategy is a long- term plan to achieve certain objectives. A marketing strategy is therefore a marketing plan designed to achieve marketing objectives” (Marketing Theory , n.d.). Because this is true, marketing can be seen as the procedure done to develop and apply a strategy to find ways of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers demands for a product or service so that a company can make a profit. Therefore, people in marketing must be aware of the different aspects of the business they are working for. This includes future projects and areas of their corporation or business. Many of the successful businesses in the world today are looking into the future five to ten years to help them develop ideas about what their competition will look like. “Marketing is not just a series of business- related functions, but more wide- reaching. It is a business philosophy designed to develop an attitude of mind which should be shared by everyone in an organization and is often enhanced by both frequent and open communication” (Marketing Theory, n.d.). “One of the major setbacks that people in marketing has is that their marketing strategies
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