Insights Into My Own Feelings

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Insights into My Own Feelings Poems often give you insights into your own feelings and experiences. Jimmy Baca wrote a poem called So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans, and upon reading this poem, I discovered many insights into my own feelings. Jimmy Baca seems to be angry at the fact that Americans think Mexicans take their jobs away. The feelings I have towards what’s happening in this poem is that Americans are often victimized, a feeling of being offended, and I feel confused. After reading the poem So We Are Taking Jobs from Americans, I as an American felt somewhat victimized. In the poem, Baca says, “I hear Mexicans are taking your jobs away. Do they sneak into town at night, and as you are walking home with your whore, do they mug you, a knife at your throat, saying I want your job?”(Lines 7-11) What Jimmy Baca is saying is that Americans aren’t forced out of our jobs, but illegal immigrants do migrate to America through the night. No, they don’t hold guns or knives to our throats and make us give them our jobs, but they illegally come into our country and work for little to nothing which is the same thing as forcefully taking our jobs away. He also says, “O Yes? Do they come on horses with rifles, and say, Ese Gringo, gimmee your job?”(1-3) Saying this makes it seem like the only way to take something from someone is by force. It makes me feel victimized if someone comes over to America illegally and will work for anything, it takes the work from me.
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