Insignificant Gestures By Jo Cannon

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A bad decision, a horrible decision, or a terrifying decision, these may lead to repressed memories. The person, who made the horrible decision, tries to forget about the dreadful happening, by repressing the memory. the person avoids small things, thereby, the repressed memory is not thought of, and the feelings associated with the happening is left out. Insignificant gestures could open the repressed memory, thereby, the decisionmaker and another person talk about the feelings associated, and this might lead to new courses in life. The short story “insignificant gestures” written by Jo Cannon in 2007 enlightens these problems.

The narrator tells the short story in a flashback, where the protagonist lives his life in England, while he tells
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The identifiable voice of Chichewa makes the protagonist feel safe, therefore, he opens up and starts talking about the memories from Africa. The narrator is, afterward, thankful: “”Zikomo kwambiri” I hazarded” (p. 12, l. 154). Zikomo kwambiri is Chichewa for “thank you very much”, which shows his gratefulness for finally talking about his repressed memories, and all of this after an insignificant gesture. The insignificant gesture made by the African nurse is that she kills the cockroach. The other insignificant gesture in the short story is when Celia puts a hand on the narrator’s hand. Both insignificant gestures start a whole new course in life for the protagonist. The first starts a friendship between Celia and him, while the second is a new beginning.

Insignificant gestures are small gestures, but with a tremendous effect on the affected. The eminence effect from an insignificant gesture reflects in “insignificant gestures”. Insignificant gestures dislodge repressed memories daily. The gestures are, no matter how small, important for the people affected. Episodes which before lead to the repressed feelings can now be experienced, all due to; a good gesture, a salubrious gesture, or a felicitous

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