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Techniques Used to Treat Insomnia Theresa Duarte PSY 101 Freshman Introductions to Psychology November 24, 2014 Techniques Used by Professionals to Treat Insomnia I. Summary and Analysis of the Research. Majority of clinicians are not certain on whether to use medication or behavioral therapies to treat insomnia. Majority of them are not aware of the effectiveness, usefulness, and the importance of non medication methods. The topic here will discuss the various methods that health professionals have used to treat insomnia. A. In the short term or the immediate days after admission, medication will provide adequate improvements. This will be much more than the non medication techniques in terms of first week efficiency.…show more content…
This method uses muscle relation; paradoxical intention and the bio feedback are mostly used. Cognitive behavioral therapy has also been found to be so effective. IV. Analysis. Stimulus control: based on the concept that insomnia is a behavior that is conditioned to the bedroom cues associated with sleep. Relaxation technique: include progressive muscle relaxation and biofeedback. Relaxation reduces the high arousal levels. Paradoxical intention treatment: based on the concept that performance need or anxiety is a major preventer of sleep. Cognitive behavior treatment: the multi component cognitive therapy treatment that includes the use of behavior therapy combined with other behavioral treatments. V. Suggestions for Additional Research and Solutions. Varying options for behavior treatment have been reviewed. A 2 session treatment approach has been developed and explained which can be used in basic primary insomnia care. Additional settings may also be required based on the sleep efficiency. Annotated Bibliography Adler, A. (1956). The individual psychology of Alfred Adler. New York. Harper & Row. The book by Adler looks at the human psychology from different perspectives, but for the sake of the topic we look at the topic that touches on Preventive and Therapeutic Interventions which shows the health problems that accompanies an individual with insomnia. Klein, E., Herron, T., & Belcher, J. (2013).

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