Insomnia Sleeping Disorders

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Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Sleep disorders are those conditions that deprive individuals of a full filling, sound and refreshing sleep. Various types of sleep disorders exist with the most common type being Insomnia. These conditions show a variety of symptoms, have diverse effects on individual and social life of the victim. Being awake at night, waking up too early because you have no more sleep or struggling to fall asleep despite your tiredness are all signs of insomnia. It means you cannot get the sleep you require for you to rest and be refreshed. You are getting low quality sleep and you are not getting the amount of rest that you require. Drowsiness during the day is one of the symptoms experienced. It is a sign that you are
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You can know if you have insomnia if you go to bed but you cannot fall asleep, and if you do, you keep waking up. For you to have a restful night you need a number of hours of sleep and when you awake you should feel rested and refreshed
Insomnia can be for a short while and in other cases, it can be for more than three months. If you experience insomnia for a single night up to a few weeks, then it is acute insomnia. If it occurs for a period greater than three months while taking place for more than three nights in a week, then it is chronic insomnia. Chronic Insomnia can cause irritability, frustration, daytime exhaustion and can cause some personal changes in terms of relationships both with friends, family and at work, and in worse cases pose serious health issues.
Insomnia can be prevented by maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule, such as waking up and sleeping at the same time every day. You should also avoid stimulants at night. Stimulants may include caffeine of nicotine. Use of these products may make the body active during bed time and unable to catch sleep. It is also not advisable to exercise right before bedtime. This is to create a calm environment conducive to sleep. Individuals should also practice good sleeping hygiene, this includes preventing noise and keeping your bed for sleep and sex
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The doctor will then carry out an evaluation that can include a medical history, sleep history and physical examination and lead to appropriate action being taken. Past medical history and physical examination will help in elimination of other conditions that may be causing the sleep disorder. After all the other conditions causing insomnia have been eliminated, a comprehensive sleep history is supposed to be taken. This history should be detailed enough in terms of sleep habits, the medications used which can be either prescriptions or non-prescriptions and alcohol consumption history. Other stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine should also be looked into and most importantly, it should look into the sleeping
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