Inspection Rights Of The Corporation

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14.01. Inspection Rights.
Any member of the corporation may:
a. Inspect and copy the records of members ' names and addresses and voting rights during usual business hours on five (5) days ' prior written demand on the corporation, stating the purpose for which the inspection rights are requested; and
b. Obtain from the Secretary of the corporation, on written demand and on the tender of the Secretary 's usual charges for such a list, if any, a list of names and addresses of members who are entitled to vote for the election of Directors, as of the most recent record date for which that list has been compiled, or as of a date specified by the member after the date of demand. The demand shall state the purpose for which the list is requested. This list shall be made available to any such member by the Secretary on or before the later of ten (10) days after the demand is received or the date specified in it as the date by which the list is to be compiled. Any inspection and copying under this Section may be made in person or by an agent or attorney of the member and the right of inspection includes the right to copy and make extracts.
14.02. Maintenance and Inspection of Articles and Bylaws.
The corporation shall keep at its principal executive office, the original or a copy of the articles and bylaws as amended to date, which shall be open to inspection by the member’s at all reasonable times during office hours.
14.03. Maintenance and Inspection of Other Corporate Records.…
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